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Things I Do With My Spare Time: Laugh at Angry Apollo 7 Transcripts on Wikipedia

  • SCHIRRA: You've added two burns to this flight schedule, and you've added a urine water dump; and we have a new vehicle up here, and I can tell you at this point TV will be delayed without any further discussion until after the rendezvous.
  • CAPCOM (Jack Swigert): Roger. Copy.
  • SCHIRRA: Roger.
  • CAPCOM 1 (Deke Slayton): Apollo 7, this is CAPCOM number 1.
  • SCHIRRA: Roger.
  • CAPCOM 1: All we've agreed to do on this is flip it.
  • SCHIRRA: ... with two commanders, Apollo 7
  • CAPCOM 1: All we have agreed to on this particular pass is to flip the switch on. No other activity is associated with TV; I think we are still obligated to do that.
  • SCHIRRA: We do not have the equipment out; we have not had an opportunity to follow setting; we have not eaten at this point. At this point, I have a cold. I refuse to foul up our time lines this way.
  • I'm more interested in this as an example of how things were not always sunny between astronauts and mission control. We were fed a pretty glossy chunk of lies about this relationship, I suspect.

Source: Wikipedia

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