Family Reunion Survival Gear

Left->Right, Top->Bottom

2 Notebooks. You just never know. Room enough for the next great American novel, you see. 

iPod with podcasts and rock and roll!

Sunglasses so my family can’t see my shifty eyes. This is for their comfort, not mine.

Carl Sagan and Han Solo, stalwart companions.

Of a Fire on the Moon by Norman Mailer (so far, Mailer is an ass, but only time will tell for sure)

Kindle in case Mailer gets on my nerves too much. I’ve got Kim Stanley Robinson to keep me company. 

Pens. You can never have too many pens.

Shoes. Not Keds, too cheap for Keds. Just shoes. ‘Cause you cain’t go barefeeted in the mountings.

Bucktoothed and much abused Macbook, minus battery. I need to watch NASA TV during the Curiosity landing. 

This is not to say that I don’t love my family and won’t be spending quality time with them, but I don’t know how to play dominoes, so I have to fend for myself sometimes.